These are the bees knees!

On my quest for lipsticks I happened upon these lovely lip shimmers from Burt’s Bees in a local grocery store in Maine. I bought one in Rhubarb believing it would be a lip tint – how wrong I was. These sticks of delight are very highly pigmented and could be sold as lipsticks. I was so impressed with the colour and opacity that I went out and bought 4 more – I wasn’t disappointed.

burt's bees lip shimmer

The colours from left to right are: Radiance, Guava, Peony, Caramel and Rhubarb.

These shimmers are simply wonderful. They have a tingly taste and smell of peppermint – which leaves your lips feeling fresh and clean. As well as being highly pigmented they also dose your lips with a whoping hit of moisture which is great in my book. If I had to criticize them (which I am loath to do) I would like the richer colour to come in a bullet form to make application easier.

My favourite colour is Peony as it is such a natural gorgeous pink – but I love them all.

Below, photographed in natural daylight, is each one on my lips so you can see what lovely colours they are:

radiance burts bees lip shimmer        Radiance

guava burts bees lip shimmer       Guava

peony burts bees lip shimmer      Peony

caramel burts bees lip shimmer      Caramel

rhubarb burts bees lip shimmer      Rhubarb

You can buy these lip shimmers at many supermarkets and pharmacies in America. I bought mine in Hannaford in Maine. They will be nestled somewhere on the natural and organic aisle. Many online shops sell them too. They are cheaper in the US (lucky you) at only $5.99 but they are still pretty cheap here in the UK at £5.99. I am sure you could find them cheaper too.


You lucky Americans you.

I wanted to add a quick post especially for my American readers. I am finding that a lot of the products I am reviewing are born and raised in America. However as I am living in England I have only been giving English websites and costs in pounds. I will try super hard from now on to post websites where you can get your pretty paws on them in the US and what they cost over there. It will unfortunately leave my English compatriots seething as they are so much cheaper for you in the States. Let me start as I mean to go on and give you the prices of the lippies I have reviewed and my beloved lash conditioner and mascara.

I found a great website based in the US where you can chat live to lovely beauty consultants online. They don’t know everything but are super keen to help and to wish you a nice day! Spirit beauty lounge sells Ilia lipstick at a jealousy inducing $24. I have used this company to send stuff to my parents who live in Maine – they were pretty speedy to deliver the order and it was very straight forward. You can’t get Elemental Beauty in the US yet but they do ship from the UK to most international locations. Jane Iredale is another brand that first cracked out of its egg in the US. You can buy this from lots of websites online, just type into google and away you go. I found a website called Skin Store that is based in America where they were selling the conditioner for $16 and the mascara for $18. I haven’t tried the website but it might be worth looking at.

Hope this helps and ‘Have a nice day!’

Your red coloured love faded to pink to soon.

Here I am back after about 4 hours and lunch. The lipstick stain is still there. Unfortunately it has gone a very deep pink and left hardly any trace of that lovely bright red. Also my lips are quite dry, though this might just be my lips and not the lipstick. I am still impressed with how long the colour stayed on my lips, but I am disappointed how pink it has gone. This lipstick does not claim to be long lasting, so really this is an added bonus.

Here is photo showing the colour change and how well the stain stayed on.

Ilia wild child lipstick

Ilia you could be my one true love but will you last?

I decided to try out Ilia lipstick as I had read so many good things about this line. Being Content do a service where you can order 4 samples for £3 from their website so I added two colours of Ilia lipstick to my sample collection. I am on the look out for a bright red and so far have found some pretty reds, but nothing that really stands out and compares to brands like Mac (I do love Ruby Woo, but don’t want to use none natural products anymore, no matter how much it calls to me!).

The lipsticks arrived in tiny pots with the names written on the lids.

ilia lipstick

The above photograph actually shows the colours pretty well. As they were such tiny samples I had to apply it with a lipbrush, and WOW. This is a lovely product. It is beautifully moisturising, the colours go on really well and are really opaque and bright. There is no overpowering smell, in fact I couldn’t really detect a smell at all. When the lipstick was on, before blotting, it had a lovely sheen to it, almost like you had added lip gloss over the top.

Funnel of Love, is a nude colour, a little too orange for my skintone so I won’t be buying it, but would suit a darker skin.

Wild Child is beautiful, really punchy, glossy and I dare say could replace my Ruby Woo. I have had the red on for a few hours, drunk some water and eaten an apple, and it is still very much there. The gloss has come off, but it is stronger than a stain. I will let you all know how long it stays on through out the day.

My only concern with this lipstick is the price, it is a whopping £20. I think I will check out the Lily Lolo range before I commit to buying this as that is under half the price, but I don’t think I am going to find a red as beautiful as this one.

Below is Funnel of Love, just after applying, in sunlight:

ilia funnel of love lipstick

This is Wild Child, again just after applying and in sunlight:

ilia wild child lipstick

My quest for the perfect lipstick goes on, though I am not sure I can beat this, just the price is a bit much.

Beautiful colours – absolutely, but I don’t want to feel like I have eaten soap.

The lovely people at elemental beauty kindly sent me samples of all their new Organic Mineral Treatment Lipsticks. I really love this company as their customer service is fantastic and they have some great products. I have a huge number of their blusher and eyeshadow and love their foundation. I will review these on a later post. I had tried their lipsticks before. I did like them but found the colour more of a wash and they were slightly drying, so I was excited to see that they had changed the formula and come up with some new fabulous colours.

I received all 6 shades in little tubes, with slithers of each in each one.

elemental beauty organic mineral lipstick

The colours are far more vibrant and comparable to high street branded lipstick. They were very moisturizing and felt good on my lips. I wanted to love these as I like the company so much, but the smell was so overpowering and the taste was incredibly soapy. I could not keep them on for more than a minute as it really started to make me feel unwell, so I cannot comment on the longevity of the lipstick. The stain from the lipstick though did last a few hours after I wiped it off.

The colours were pretty and if you don’t mind the taste or the smell then they could be a good choice for you. Let me know if you had the same experience.

I am still though on the hunt for my holy grail of the natural lipstick world. I will be reviewing Ilia lipstick tomorrow.

Below I have attached a photograph showing the colours so you can see how pretty they are.

elemental beauty organic mineral lipstick colours