Who knew a neon pink sponge could be so wonderful.

With the risk of sounding like a broken record – I love mineral powder foundation. I love the natural unclogged feel and look you can achieve from using this product. But (and there is always a but it seems) I do find with my super dry skin it can look a little flakey. I took myself off to YouTube to do some research. Just by mistake I came across a wonderful thing called a Beauty Blender. The context of my discovery had nothing to do with dry skin but instead the application of mainly liquid foundation. I was intrigued to see if this could really give you a flawless finish and wondered if it would work with mineral powder foundation. Could this lovely neon pink sponge, which was a whopping £10, change how I apply my foundation? Well “Mollie Tried and Tested” (let’s just call her MTT to make my life easier) reared her head and begged me to try it out. How could I resist something so girly – the answer was – I couldn’t. At first I didn’t want to spend £10 on a makeup sponge, so I found a cheaper rip off version on Amazon called the Cosmopolitan Blend Perfection Sponge.

cosmopolitan blend perfection sponge

This little sponge really was wonderful. You have to wet the sponge till it puffs up then squeeze all (and I mean all) the excess water out. Then squeeze it again in a towel so it is only very slightly damp. I tapped some of my Bella Pierre foundation onto a plastic plate and bumped the sponge onto it. You then bounce the sponge over your face. You use the small end to get into the curves of your face like your nose and eyes. I was totally sold. My makeup looked amazing and so natural. But – yes here comes another but – it did not last. After a week of washing it everyday (something you have to do) tears in the sponge started to appear. I now realised why sometimes more money can be better. Amazon kindly gave me a refund. I then bit the bullet and ordered the actual Beauty Blender. This time I bought it from Amazon in the States for only $20.25 for 2 sponges. I had my parents ship it back with them when they came to visit me. Two sponges arrived to their new home in England cased in a colourful but pointlessly big plastic container.

beauty blender in box

These sponges really are worth the money. They swell up like the Cosmo one but they stay swelled and are softer and bounce better on your skin.

beauty blender

The above photograph shows the two different sponges when dry – Beauty Blender on the left, Cosmo on the right.

saturated beauty blender

Above you can see the difference between the damp Blender on the left and the dry Blender on the right.

I used the Beauty Blender in the same way as the Cosmo before it. The results were very similar except I felt the Blender had a lighter touch and gave a slightly smoother finish. The Blender has also lasted well over a month so far – no tears and no degradation of the sponge material.

I would advice using the Oliva soap to clean the sponge. At first I used my lovely Neal’s Yard hand soap but as this is stuffed full of essential oils I don’t think my skin liked it too much and a few bumps came up on my face. I quickly switched to the Oliva and my skin was happy again. You can buy a cleaner especially for the Beauty Blender – but who wants to pay for some expensive chemical solution when Oliva does the job just as well.

I clean mine every time I go to use it as it needs to be damp anyway. And you must clean it every time – water and makeup creates the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and you don’t want that going on your face.

You will notice, when you wet the Blender and squeeze the water out, that the water can turn a little pink but that does not transfer onto your skin so do not fret.

The Beauty Blender gets a huge hug from me. It is worth the money and really produces a wonderful result. Because you are bouncing this damp sponge on your skin rather than buffing it in with a dry brush, it does not cause your skin to dry out or flake. This will be a definite friend for my other beauty accessories. Thank you MTT for insisting I try it.

Maybe MTT can finally come out of retirement!