Thank you and good night.

My dear Readers I am sure you will have noticed by now that I have been very slack with my posts – well I am officially going to take a sabbatical from blog writing.


I want to concentrate on my other passion in life – painting. I have been painting for years now for pleasure, but have finally plucked up the courage to start selling prints on my own Etsy shop and website. I feel I need to throw my all into this if it is going to work. Hopefully I will be back someday to take up the baton again for natural beauty.

Thank you all so much for you support over these last 2 years.

Please take a moment to have a look at my website and/or my Etsy shop if you are interested in animals – just click on the painting and/or the etsy button below.

I won’t say goodbye but au revoir as I do hope to return.


mollie art