Spring is in the air at last.

I look outside my window and see Jack frost spreading his icy fingers over the soft petals of spring flowers.  Today the sun has finally decided to show its rare face transforming spider webs into crystal necklaces and grasses into diamond encrusted blades. Could spring have finally thrown off winter’s freezing blankets?


Hmm, I’m not quite sure what happened there – I must have been seduced by the long forgotten rays of the sun in to waxing lyrical about springtime. Right, back to my blog.

I have decided to veer slightly off topic on this lovely spring day. Spring time is a time of rebirth and brings to mind spring cleaning.

If you know me well you will know that I have long since shunned harsh chemical cleaning products for natural cleaners. I am sure you have all heard the old wives’ tales of white vinegar, bicarbonate of soda, lemon juice and many other natural products we have stashed away in our cupboards, being used to clean the houses of old. Well these are not old wives’ tales. These products are amazing.  They work as well as any chemical cleaner; they do not burn your hands and your nose; they do not kill the fish and wildlife living in our streams and rivers.


This blog post isn’t to go into the many uses of these amazing multitasking products. You can Google green cleaning and you will get hundreds of hits with ease. I wanted to talk about steam cleaning.

I have a cat. A beautiful tortoiseshell with the brightest green eyes you have ever seen. My daughter and I love her but she does have this annoying habit of sleeping and walking on every surface in the kitchen at night. I love my natural cleaners but felt they might not be doing quite enough to help clean up after her.


As I have mentioned before, I do get sucked into glossy ads and my tried and tested self (MTT) frequently begs to be let loose.  Ads for steam cleaners frequently pop up on tv and in magazines. “Okay MTT” I said to myself “go for it”. I tried two until I found the perfect one.

The first was Sainsbury’s own brand steam mop, cheap but pretty useless. Secondly ‘Bissell Lift Off Combination Steam Mop and Handheld Steam Cleaner’ (wow what a mouthful). I hated this mop it was so heavy and the handheld bit was useless. Amazon were great and let me send it back. I had nearly gave up but then I saw this lovely little piece of equipment; Morphy Richards 70465 Multi Floors Steam Mop. Amazon sent this to me the next day for £48.


I am so pleased I let MTT out again. I love this machine. It heats up in less than a minute and shoots out lots of lovely hot steam while gliding along easily. One of the best thing about this mop is that it is so lightweight I can even use it to clean all my counter tops. I am certain it is not meant for this job as it is advertised as a floor cleaner but if it does the job go for it I say. I also use this in the bathrooms – on the floor, in the bath and the shower, wherever surface I know can take the heat and needs a good clean. Yes, I do feel a little sad loving a steam mop but if it helps me clean without the use of harsh chemicals then I think I am entitled to a crush at least.

Again, I apologise for veering off topic – it may not help to keep me naturally beautiful but it does help keep my home naturally beautiful.