Why natural beauty

All my life I have had problems with an itchy dry scalp. I had tried every over the counter shampoo and treatment you can buy and instead of making it better it seemed to make it worse. Many even caused sores on my head. I noticed that my 3 year old daughter was getting the same problem and that it definitely effected other members of my family. I have always been interested in natural products so as a last resort I decided I had nothing to lose but to try a natural approach. I spent hours trawling the internet for ideas. I was fascinated by the ingredients that appear in high street and high end products – how some cause irritation to the skin – others were derived from petrol or plastic. Many contained poisonous ingredients that you wouldn’t want anywhere near your skin. I went from using store bought shampoo and conditioner to bicarbonate of soda and apple cider vinegar. The change was miraculous, my hair was bouncy and full and my scalp was no longer itchy or irritated. I figured if this could work so well for my hair surely it would work for everything I put on my skin. This is how I became slightly obsessed with making my beauty routine and products as natural as possible.


2 thoughts on “Why natural beauty

  1. I’m suffering with that problem on and off for 2 years now… Did you just use baking soda and apple cider vinegar? Thank you so much. And what a lovely blog! Vera

  2. Hi Vera, Thank you so much for your comments. If you check out my post called: No more itchy, flakey scalp – let’s cook up a storm.
    You can see what I used. 🙂

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