About me


Let me introduce myself. My name is Mollie and I have a huge obsession with natural beauty and natural products! I am a single mother to a wonderful five year old daughter and I am in my late 30s. I have been a few things in life: a Graphic Designer, an Art Director, a Model, a Stylist, a Photographer, even briefly a Wedding Makeup Artist. When I was working as an Art Director a few years ago, my nickname was ‘Mollie tried and tested’ because I fell for every expensive beauty advert and felt I had to try it all out. People came to me to ask what I thought of the new miracle mascara or face cream. I wouldn’t shell out for everything, but I would spend hours in the shops trying everything on. I think a lot of this stemmed from working with the world’s top makeup artists and models, quizzing them and watching them work. I have wanted to write a blog for years about beauty.  I didn’t know until I discovered what dangerous and horrid things were appearing in skincare and makeup that I wanted to blog about natural beauty. As well as being a mother and beauty blogger I am also an artist, mostly painting majestic animals in acrylics. I live in a lovely, sleepy village in Hampshire, England. I hope you like what you read and will follow my blog. I do hope that reading this blog might persuade some of you to venture into the natural side of beauty. Maybe when you realise that you can have products that not only work as well as (in fact some far better than) high end brands, you will think twice before succumbing to the glossy magazine adverts. You can start on a journey where you are kind to your skin and kind to the world we live in.

Disclaimer: I think it is very important to point out to my readers that everything I post is just my option. I do not get paid to write about any of these products or ideas. If something works for me I am not saying that it will definitely work for you. ­I do hope it does but I cannot promise or give any guarantees. Your use of these products or suggestions is entirely at your own risk. Please use any product or idea with caution and of course do not use anything with an ingredient that you know or think you might be allergic to. Thank you and happy reading.


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