. . . and don’t it make my blue eyes green.

The eyes are sensitive souls which need to be treated with care. I have never been a great believer in loading them up with rich creams or oils. My motto is, when it comes to skincare, less is definitely more.


During my research into skincare I have come across many articles which believe that rich creams or oils are not only unproductive for the eye area, but they can also cause puffiness and milia.

The definition of ‘milia’ from the free online dictionary by Merriam Webster is – “small, hard, pale keratinous nodule formed on the skin, typically by a blocked sebaceous gland.” Below you can see a photograph I found of a pretty bad case of this.


The theory is that the molecules in rich creams and oils are too big to penetrate the skin deep enough and instead soak into the top layer and build up to cause these problems. Whether this is scientifically correct I have no idea – but I do find rich creams and oils disagree with me and that milia tend to appear when I use the wrong cream.

With this knowledge, off I went in search of something I could use to give my eye area a little treat – to give it strength to push away those pesky wrinkles that are knocking on my door. This is what I found – a lovely light gel.

green people firming eye gel

Green People’s Firming Eye Gel.

This wonderful gel is extremely light and cooling. It goes on smoothly and sinks in like a dream. It works well under makeup or on its own.

I buy this online from naturisimo for £8.50 – but you can buy it in lots of natural shops online or on the highstreet. An added bonus for you fellow Britains is that it is made in the UK – and I am all about supporting my own country.

I want to believe that eye creams or gels really work but I am in two minds to whether anything can stop time. I do, though, think they can soothe the eye area and gently moisturise which in the end should help keep your wrinkles at bay for a while. I couldn’t tell you if this has worked as an anti aging product,  but it feels lovely and there has not been a milia or a puffy eye in sight.

green eye

“. . . and don’t it make my blue eyes green.”


2 thoughts on “. . . and don’t it make my blue eyes green.

  1. Ooh I need to get myself some of this asap. As with my grey hairs, which are now appearing on a daily basis, my ‘laughter lines’ over 4 decades need some urgent tlc.

    If you do have any tips on taking care of & dying hair beyond 40 that’d be fab. I’m concerned that as nice as my salon is, the dyes they use are rubbish & toxic for my body as a whole. Perhaps I should give in to being a silver fox but I find grey hairs are much coarser etc. Advice please.

    BTW is this post title a pun on Crystal Gayle song of the 70’s? I wanted her hair sooooo badly. Looking back is it normal for an adult/anyone to have knee length hair :-)!!

  2. I am sorry but I don’t know much about dyeing of taking care of grey hair. When I get the time I will do some research and get back to you.
    You are right about the song – I wasn’t sure anyone would recognise it. Not sure I would want hair that long, but when you are young Rapunzel seems like a fabulous role model – I know my daughter would love to have hair like that! x

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