Back to the baking aisle one more time please.

This post might be one of my weirdest natural solutions so far. Bear with me –  you won’t be disappointed.

Dry shampoo – a chemical mix in an aerosol can – or does it have to be? We all have days when our hair looks a touch limp and greasy. We all have days when either we cannot be bothered to jump in the shower and wash it or really do not have the time. Well, dear readers, thanks to the great blog Wellness Mama I have a fun solution for you.

Ditch the dry shampoo in a can and look on your nearest baking aisle for two ingredients (just one if you are super blonde or white haired).

ground arrowroot powder

Ground arrowroot powder

Cocoa powder

Cocoa powder (not chocolate powder, it must be plain cocoa).

You don’t have to go for expensive organic cocoa powder – this was all I had in my cupboard from baking yummy chocolate muffins (mmm. I digress).

Pour some arrowroot powder into a little dish or bowl (I pinched my daughter’s lovely, melamine, flower bowl).

ground arrowroot powder

Then scoop a little bit of cocoa powder into the bowl and mix together. Go as dark as you need depending on your hair colour. If you are light blonde or white don’t add any cocoa powder. I am dark blonde so I didn’t need much. You will need to experiment until you get the right mix for your haircolour. The arrowroot is the ingredient that absorbs the grease and dirt so you need a higher ratio of arrowroot to cocoa for it to work – bear this in mind when you mix your colour.

diy dry shampoo

Using a brush – I used an old foundation brush –

foundation brush

brush the powder onto the parts of your hair that need it. Do not make the mistake I first made of tipping it on to your scalp as it turns your scalp a funny red colour (white if you are using no cocoa powder). You need to take your time and just brush onto the hair. I thought there was no way this was going to work. How wrong I was. It is amazing. Immediately my hair looked clean and boy did it have volume!

Yes, you do smell like chocolate but who doesn’t like the smell of chocolate? If you really don’t (how strange you are!) then you can add a drop of your favourite essential oil to the mixture but be light handed as you don’t want to make your hair greasier.

It does take a while to get used to the application but once you do you won’t need to wash your hair as often and will smell delicious!

Some of the readers commenting on the Wellness Mama website suggest using cinnamon instead of cocoa – this might be good for redder hair. I haven’t tried it as I love the smell of cocoa and it works brilliantly for me.

Arrowroot not only makes a fabulous dry shampoo it also works miracles as a finishing powder or a mineral veil. Just brush it on before or after your foundation and away you go.


2 thoughts on “Back to the baking aisle one more time please.

  1. Wow what a fantastic tip for anyone who oversleeps! We had a crazy morning recently when the alarm clock died and the challenge was to get 3 kids and myself from PJ’s to front door, ready for school, including making packed lunches, in 15 mins :-0 I was v embarrassed as I tried to sneak out of the playground only to be snared by the teacher & find myself chatting to mums with hair that looked like it hadn’t been washed for a looong time! I am planning to make up a little pot of this – my hair is dark so i’ll go for the cocoa option – & keep it in the bathroom cupboard for emergencies. My kids will be bemused as to why I smell like chocolate – a proper yummy mummy!

    My sister and I bought the stuff in a can in the late 70’s when we used to peruse the shelves of Boots the chemists with wide eyed wonder. I recall it smelt a bit like cheap aftershave and after a few hours made one look as though you had a terrible case of dandruff.

    My hair has got to the stage at the mo that I have to wash it daily so maybe this could train it back a bit without the hideous greasy tendrils look. If you or any fellow readers out there have any tips on how to give your hair a natural cleanse for build up that’d be good, but hey I guess if I can stick to the bicarb method that might be enough. I’ll confess i’m finding it hard to wean myself off the smell of Calendula and when i’m really naughty Aveda shampoo.

    BTW your blog has totally inspired me to check out a few of the, mostly dietary changes, i’d made recently in order to make me more beautiful inside & out naturally. After our off line chat re: Agave Syrup I was shocked to read the following esp. as I thought I was being so right on and wholesome after a trip to health conscious California where Agave is everywhere right now:

    …Agave is derived from a plant found mainly in Mexico and contains a sweet, sticky juice that is ninety percent fructose.
    Until recently blue agave was used only for tequila distilling. Then growers found a way to process agave, and convert it into something called hydrolyzed high fructose inulin syrup.
    This chemically processed agave is similar to high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), a sugar with serious health implications.
    In fact, some agave distributors have been caught re-labeling HFCS as agave syrup!2
    It is difficult to tell whether the agave syrup sold on the market is from a toxic variety of agave, which might be used due to the shortage of blue agave, or whether it is the highly processed fructose syrup.
    For these reasons, it is best to avoid agave syrup until further legal mandates are in place to ensure its source, and its safety.

    I’m sure that anything found on UK supermarket shelves has been passed by the FSA. But I guess hydrogenated oils -trans fats, known carcinogens, toxins etc. are sitting on the shelves in the guise of everything from seemingly yummy biscuits to delicious smelling shampoos etc. This site has inspired me to totally rethink what I put in, and on, mine and my children’s bodies. Thanks, look forward to the next post.

  2. Thank you so much for your wonderful comments. I am thrilled that this has inspired you to become more healthy inside and out – this is my main aim – if I only inspire one person to change that is enough for me.
    I was totally taken in by Agave as well but after it gave me a stomach upset I realised it wasn’t the healthy option I thought it was.
    Avalon Organics Lemon Clarifying Shampoo is a great shampoo for getting rid of build up. I use it every now and then as even bicarb can cause some build up. It is a bit harsher than other natural shampoos as it has to be as it is clarifying but worth giving a go just not to use everytime. They sell it in Waitrose.
    Please keep up the comments – I love them.

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