Lovely long shapely eyelashes for me please.

I have had a difficult time finding a natural mascara that actually lasts on my eyelashes, does any lengthening or thickening and mostly adds any kind of curl. I have naturally long eyelashes which is fortunate, but unfortunately they are poker straight (like my hair) and point downwards. Below is a photo of my eyes sans mascara so you can see what I mean:


I spoke to a helpful woman at being content as I was fed up with paying money for products that did not live up to my expectations. She suggested a combination of Jane Iredale PureLash Conditioner, with the Jane Iredale PureLash Lengthening Mascara on top. With fingers and toes crossed I ordered both things from her. They were £14 each.

Jane Iredale PureLash Lash Extender & Conditioner

Jane Iredale purelash lengthening mascara

I really like the packaging and tubes for both of these – especially the expensive and flashy looking gold mascara tube.

Here it is out of it’s tube:

Jane Iredale PureLash Lash Extender & Conditioner

You put it on actually as if it was a mascara. It coats your lashes and turns them partially white. You can see what I mean below:

Jane Iredale PureLash Lash Extender & Conditioner on lashes

I let this dry then added the mascara on top.

The mascara has a good shaped and sized brush. It tapers out at the end which lets you get to those little lashes on the sides of the eyes. I didn’t need to wipe off any excess mascara on a tissue beforehand – the amount that came out was perfect.

I went for Jet Black.

Jane Iredale purelash lengthening mascara

The formula is quite dry when it goes on but I think this helps with the lift of the lashes and the staying power for the mascara. If you are looking for a glossy mascara this is not for you. It is obvious you are wearing mascara. This is not for a natural glossy lashed look.

I was pleasantly surprised with the result. It did in fact lengthen the lashes (only slightly though, and I think this was more to do with the conditioner I applied first), but more significantly it thickened them and it added a subtle curl. I did find it could look a little clumped but if you are careful applying it this can be sorted quite easily.

Jane Iredale mascara and conditioner

Sorry about the oddly coloured photograph, the sun had gone behind the clouds, giving a blue cast to the whole image. You can see how well the mascara and conditioner worked. I found this stayed put all day, not smudging or flaking. I think the colour was beautifully rich too. The lashes did drop their curl a fraction, but that was all. I did try curling them on another day and using a heated curler after the mascara was applied – the result was fabulous – this held all day. I will try and get a photo up when I next do this. This doesn’t wash off as easily as other natural mascaras, I did find I had to wash my face a few times to get it off, but this is something I am prepared to put up with as it has such great staying power.

So would I recommend these? Absolutely. They are quite pricey at £14 each, but I think they are just as good as the high end mascaras I had been using. The ingredients are nourishing and there are no nasties in there so I believe they are worth the price tag. They out do any other natural mascaras I have tried so far. I will definitely be binning my non natural mascaras and not looking back. I am going to try the mascara on its own tomorrow to see what the difference is and I will post my result with photos.


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